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Business Purpose

According to specific customer requests for products and technologies in line with customer demand for samples, the application process until the bulk supply, and chemical products in the electronic application process research and development for several decades, senior technical staff of the client in good faith to provide technical services and advice.

Main Products

Main Products Electronic Components Packaging Insulation Materials, Epoxy AB glue, plastic flexible PU (polyurethane), adhesives, silicone (vulcanized silicone rubber), epoxy resin diluent (the type of its wholly), Central Oxygen resin curing agent, epoxy resin, Crystal Epoxy, and deeper understanding of customer requirements for product use and its environment, and constantly develop the use of a suitable environment for the different series of electronic chemicals. Played such a major infusion sealing, insulation protection, moisture earthquake, adhesive fixed, Packaging protection, moisture-proof insulation, chips, etc. Security is widely used in light-emitting diode LED, digital tube, lattice modules, backlight panels, transformers , rectifiers, AC capacitors, ignition coil, electronic modules, aquarium equipment, negative ion generators, ignition coil, aerosol, electronic appliances, craft jewelry, sporting goods, building materials, etc.; In addition, the company applies a transparent plastic plate jewelry badges, stickers, electronic flashing lights, hair ornaments and jewelry, metal jewelry, Globoidal jewelry, belt buckle, the surface of handicraft products such as coated or perfusion, such as Crystal Epoxy, flat plastic, Globoidal plastic, jelly rubber, plastic polish , transparent Potting, false, such as water-binder. The series has soft and hard two categories, better transparency, liquidity and thixotropy can be redeployed, the surface after curing light, no air bubbles.
Professional and technical personnel of the Company may also in accordance with the requirements of customers, R & D performance of a variety of different products, in the curing conditions, temperature rating, color, surface gloss, transparency, hardness, etc., for the deployment of appropriate to meet the needs of different customers! If you work in day-to-day use of the process and product aspects of the problems encountered by glue, please give us, we must in epoxy resin, polyurethane, silicone rubber and other applications provide you with the most suitable products and solutions!
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